Magic Hair Brush – Blue Fashion


  • The Magic Hair Brush® ™ Flexible Vented & Patented hair brush is the gentlest and quickest way to detangle your hair.
  • This new and revolutionary styled Detangler quickly and easily detangles both wet and dry hair.
  • The delicate designed bristles flow effortlessly through even the toughest of tangles without pulling or snagging up allowing you to
    easily bush through your hair.
  • The soft bristles glide so easily through your hair, protecting against breakage and split ends while the multi flexible head allows you
    to comb through while gently massaging the scalp. The results are Magical!
  • The Unique Bristles are delicate enough to massage but yet strong enough to comb quickly through your hair with exception results
    and with little ease.
  • The flexible vented head allows maximum airflow for faster drying time and quicker grooming while the soft bristles gently detangle
    your hair.
  • In order to protect the delicate bristles and prolong the lifetime of the Magic Hair Brush we have included a sturdy matching style
    wallet, allowing you to store and carry the brush while still protecting the bristles and brush.
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