Earn Commission each time a customer uses your exclusive code

To be considered:

If you are an existing customer and LOVE using our Magic Hair Brush Detanglers … please read on. 

We are looking for genuine customers who love using our hair brush and want to earn a commission promoting products that they already use and love.  If you have a flair for creativity and can inspire an audience with amazing content on social media, we would love to hear from you!


  • You must be an existing customer who owns a Magic Hair Brush to participate. 
  • Send us an image / video of you either showing the results or using our brush . 
  • You must have a public social media account – ideally both Instagram and TikTok .
  • We consider everyone but you must be able to edit own videos and produce good quality images and video content and have 5k + followers .
  • You must be Passionate about our hair detanglers.

Apply below!

Please note:  As we receive numerous requests every month,  in order for you to stand out from the crowd, make sure you answer all the questions and provide us with examples of the sort of content you can produce for us.

Please send your answers to: and we shall be in touch if we think you’d be suitable.

  1. Your full name and age , proof of age may be required .
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Do you own a Magic Hair Brush ?
  4. Please share an image or video using our brush. 
  5. Is your hair fine, medium thick / thick / Short or Long .
  6. Please provide us with a link to your Instagram & Tiktok page
  7. Please provide us with a link to your YouTube page (if any)
  8. Why are you interested in our Affiliate program?
  9. If any, please share with us a link to an image or video you have produced in the past where you have promoted another product. 

What to Expect

We send out regular updates and tips to our affiliates to make it easy to create content that generates income.

Any content you produce can be shared on your social media platforms. Make sure you tag us so we can like and comment on it! – you never know, your video may go viral!

​We cannot guarantee that we will re-share your content, but if we do, that means we like the video enough to promote it on our platforms, this means you get a boost in affiliate income where people are actively waiting for a coupon code to use. We will mention you and send our followers to your page to check your profile out and to share your code from your page, we therefore recommend to make it easy for people to find the coupon code on your profile (we will supply you an exclusive Code!)

​By being part of our affiliate program, you allow us and give us permission to re-share your content on our socials, website, emails & media. 

Affiliate Income

  • Receive a commission on orders made using your unique code. 
  • Payments will be made quarterly Revolut.


As part of an affiliate program this will allows you to create and post as little or as much as you like*, however if you decide to be particularly active with content creation, you can expect:

  • Be in a chance to be chosen for photoshoots and TV appearances.
  • Receive exposure online and in the press.
  • Treat your followers to giveaways (For content creators with 10k+ followers)
  • Free products & goodies from us – please see terms

Free Products Terms

  • You must be an active Affiliate who is able to generate consistent content.
  • Content produced must be of good quality.
  • We require at least one video and one image in exchange for free products. 
  • Content must be completed within 2 weeks of receiving your free products. 

We can review and work with you to evaluate your activity, so that we can provide feedback and feature you on the relevant platforms. The more active you are in producing relevant content, the more exposure & commission you’ll be able to receive.  

​Please Note

If we notice no activity from you within 6months*, your coupon code will be automatically disabled. 

Email us today, we’d love to hear from you! :