Limited Edition Charity Brush

We are delighted today to launch our unique limited edition Irish Charity Brush and have collaborated with @BreastCancerIreland to help fund life-saving Breast Cancer Ireland research. 

This limited edition bright pink version of The Magic Hairbrush, complete with embossed pink protective wallet and leaflet enclosed detailing the eight signs and symptoms of breast cancer to be aware of is sustainably sourced and ethically made with a minimum of 20% of proceeds from the sale of the product going directly to Breast Cancer Ireland. 

This unique Charity Brush will be available across the following selected retail outlets and premium hair salons from 20th January onwards 

–  @meagherspharmacy, @lifepharmacyirl, @allcarepharmacyirl, @mccabespharmacy @healthwisepharmacy @davidmarshallhairsalon, @sensohairstudio @dylanbradshawdublin, @sobebrown and all @circlekireland  outlets nationwide.

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The Best Hair Detangler on the Market
  • Newly designed flexible brush head with unique supersoft patented bristles
  • Comfort grip Ergonomic TPR handle, contours to your hand for ease of use
  • Suitable for both Wet and Dry hair open vented style
  • Open Vented design allows hair to flow through the brush
  • Soft Touch bristles allow the brush to glide easily through tangles and knots without pulling
  • Unique shape allows for Soft gentle massaging of the scalp when brushing


The Best Hair Detangler on the Market
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